Most sought after Jordan? (My experience)

Nikes Air Jordan brand was designed for the most well known basketball player Michael Jordan. Jordan made this brand so popular that new releases of retro shoes only release one time every few years. They are usually in different color ways each time. This makes these shoes very valuable to collectors. So we wonder, what Jordan are the most coveted?

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Who is next to get a signature shoe?

Shoe companies such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are known to give professionals their own signature shoe. Starting with Nike you see NBA players all the way to professional soccer players. NBA players you can find with their own Nike shoe are Kevin Durant, a well known player for the Warriors, Kobe Bryant, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, and even Labron James. When I said professional soccer you can probably only think of one signature shoe, but it is available in many different styles based on where you are playing. Nike release a soccer cleat for Cristiano Ronaldo and that cleat even came in shoe form for indoor soccer use.

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Nike Ads, and how they are perceived.

Nike has been known for many things, and one of those things is advertising. However, did they know that one ad campaign would be so controversial. The Nike+ Men Vs. Women Ad campaign was just that. It was an ad campaign that seemed to pit men and women against each other to see who could ultimately be the best. However the way these ads came across to many people just didn’t sound right.

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