Most sought after Jordan? (My experience)

Nikes Air Jordan brand was designed for the most well known basketball player Michael Jordan. Jordan made this brand so popular that new releases of retro shoes only release one time every few years. They are usually in different color ways each time. This makes these shoes very valuable to collectors. So we wonder, what Jordan are the most coveted?

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3 releases of the “Space Jam”

Most of us have heard of the most sought after Air Jordan 11, the “Space Jam.” The color way was brought and made famous by the movie “Space Jam” which starred Michael Jordan in 1996. The Shoe’s first release was not until December 2000 and the cost of the shoe was only at $125. The Jumpman logo on the 2000 release was facing to different directions. When the shoe had it is second release in December 2009, it had some minor differences.

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The Jordans that sell out the quickest.

We all know that there Air Jordans are one of the most popular sneakers on the market. The main question is what Jordans sell out the quickest and usually how quick. Another thing to think about is how many different style retro Jordans there are. There are the Air Jordan 1, Jordan 2, Jordan 3, Jordan 4 and so on all the way to the 20’s. However, you may have only heard of a few of these and the reason being is the popularity of them.

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