Is Lonzo Ball actually selling shoes?

LaVar Ball recently released shoes under the family brand Big Baller Brand. These shoes are his son’s, Lonzo Ball, shoe. The shoe is on retail for $495. Many people called LaVar crazy for the price that he decided to sell this shoe for. When in an interview LaVar stated that since the BBB is his company he can sell product for whatever price he wants. However, are people actually buying this shoe?

Not only is BBB selling the Z02 shoe for $495 but they also have an autographed version that has been selling for $995-$1,995. According to Nice Kicks, on the first day of the release only 210 pairs of unsigned shoes where sold. This is a significantly different number than the 495 one LaVar said was sold. Either way, this has shown that the shoe has been selling. This sneaker has been slammed with the majority of the criticism saying that Lonzo has not even played one game in the NBA. However, will this shoe become more valuable in the future if he becomes a big player in the NBA? all we can do is wait and watch where this shoe takes us.