One of the best shoe cleaners

Crep is one of the top shoe cleaners around at this time. If you were to ask any sneaker head what shoe cleaner they rely on they will most likely say crep. The effectiveness of this brand is outrageous.

First lets talk about Crep Protect. Crep offers a wide variety of products that they sell.

lets start off with Crep Protect:

This is a protectant spray that works on Canvas, Suede and Nubuck. All you do is spray the shoe a couple times and let it dry for a few hours. I have used this product multiple times.

My rating 10/10




The next product is Crep Protect Cure:

This product contains a brush, cleaning solution and a microfiber. You are supposed to get a bowl and fill it with warm water, add some drops of the cleaner and stir it around. Then you add drops of cleaner to your brush and dip back in water. Then start scrubbing your shoe with the brush. When finished you are to use the microfiber to wipe off soap. Your shoes are to sit to dry for 24 hours.

My rating 9/10