2 of the hardest shoes to get your hands on?

For those of you that have heard of the Paul George EYBL and the Kyrie EYBL that are set to release on May 13, 2017, do you actually know how hard it will be to get your hands on. Nike is releasing these to shoes EXCLUSIVELY in store at Foot Locker. However it looks that Foot Locker is only releasing these shoes in one store..

If you are wanting one of these shoes you may need to jump on a plan to NYC. These two shoes are set to release only in Foot Locker’s  Harlem location. They will be raffled in the company’s app reservation system. There has been no word on how many pairs will be available but I am sure there will not be too many. So book your flight now and get in on that raffle for these hard to get sneakers.


Kyrie 3 EYBL: