New Converse x Nike Flyknit collaboration? Whats next.

In early April converse released images of their new Chuck Taylor that was going to be releasing. The shoe was a collaboration with the Nike Flyknit technology. The Converse x Flyknit was what seems to be an upgrade from the Chuck II. The Chuck II has the Nike Lunarlon insole technology.  The Converse x Flyknit also uses that same insole.

Nike bought out converse back in 2003. Nike kept the name Converse because the company already had such a great reputation. However, since the buyout we have seen many changes occur within the Converse name. The first was the Chuck II which I previously mentioned. Not only did this shoe start to use the insoles of one of the most comfortable nike sneaker but we also saw a price jump. A low top classic Chuck Taylor retails for around $50. The low top Chuck II retails for around $80. The next change we saw was this flyknit collaboration. The shoe still uses that Lunarlon insole but also includes the sought after Nike Flyknit upper. With this addition came a price hike as well. The shoe retails for around $100.

So what will Nike add on next? Will the price keep jumping higher? Keep your eyes peeled.