3 releases of the “Space Jam”

Most of us have heard of the most sought after Air Jordan 11, the “Space Jam.” The color way was brought and made famous by the movie “Space Jam” which starred Michael Jordan in 1996. The Shoe’s first release was not until December 2000 and the cost of the shoe was only at $125. The Jumpman logo on the 2000 release was facing to different directions. When the shoe had it is second release in December 2009, it had some minor differences.

The image to the right is a Space Jam from the 2000 release. If you look at the Jumpman logo on each shoe, you will notice that they are facing the opposite direction. Also note the color of the sole.



The picture to the left is the “Space Jam” released in 2009. I mentioned that there were a few minor difference between the 2000 and the 2009 release. The first difference is the logo. If you notice now the Jumpman is facing the same exact direction on each shoe. The next difference is the sole. The sole on the 2009 release was  a more clear look than the 2000 release. Other differences included the price which went to $175 and the box it was packaged in

The third and most recent release of the “Space Jam” was in December 2016. This shoe came with a few differences as well. The first difference being the number on the back of the shoe. In both the 2000 and the 2009 release the shoe had the number 23 on it, representing Michael Jordans original jersey number. However, in the 2016 release it had the number 45, which represented his temporary number, when he came back after retirement, and the Jordan 11 he wore during the season of ’94 and ’95. The second difference is the sole, it changed once again to a icy blue color which helped it from yellowing like the previous two releases. The final difference once again, is the price which jumped to $220.

Now we wait for the 4th release of the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” and the many differences the release will have. Based on the pattern of the releases we can expect a price jump. Keep your eyes out.