Returns going up, resell going down.

When it comes to sneakers, one thing that really started trending was reselling. Many people would rush to get there hands on a new release because they would sell out instantly make it easy to double or even triple your investment. It became a way of income for some people. However, in the last year we have seen a decline in resellers. Why is this?

In the past, you may have seen Jordans that resell days after a release for almost double the retail price or Yeezy’s that will sell for triple the retail price only hours after a release. Well lately, we have seen people try to resell Jordans and just sit on them. They will not sell for months or even at all. Many stores have seen a spike in returns of these products. Some people believe that the resell value just is not there anymore because Nike is producing to many of these products. Stores either aren’t selling out or they are selling just enough to close the market of resell. We see many people who used to buy these products just for the resell returning these items because there is no profit. Consignment shops are now sitting on shoes longer than expected and starting to lose money. Will they find a way to bring the resell market back? or has Nike successful closed that door?