Under dog Under Armour, March Madness.

For years many people didn’t even know Armour made shoes. This is something I still hear to this day. Better yet, they didn’t know that they even sponsored basketball teams. Under Armour really made themselves better known when they contracted Curry. However, 3 years ago in the 2014 March Madness they Sponsored one team out of the 68 that were playing.* I’m sure not many people knew that. However, how many teams do you think they sponsor today?

This years March Madness Under Armour is sponsoring 12 teams. In just 3 years they have added 11 teams to their contract and it is expecting to go up. Even though Under Armour has been in a rough patch with some customer over this last election, it seems that just because Curry is sponsored that they are making a wave. Not only are they rising in ranks as a brand, they are grabbing some good contracts. Under Armour is sponsoring teams such as Notre Dame, Maryland, and Northwestern.

Heres some uniforms from March Madness: