What Jordans don’t sell out same day?

From my last post you may have seen that some Jordans sell out instantly. However, have you every wondered what Jordans take time to sell out? Of course all the Air Jordan Retros sell out but some take longer before they hit that level of popularity. Which ones are they?

To start the Air Jordan 6’s in my experience take the longest to sell out. At my store we take anywhere from 3 weeks to a month to really get the 6’s selling. I have noticed that other stores are in the same rut with these shoes. The color way definitely makes a difference on the timeline but not by much. The Air Jordan 6 All Star has been in stock since it released selling a whopping zero pairs on release day. Some think it is because it was released on a Friday and many people were working. All though the Jordan 6 Alternate has not sold out either, but it did have better stats on release day.