3 sneaker apps to live by.

Many sneaker companies now have apps that have taken the place of there website. These apps have made it easier to not only buy shoes but to keep track of new releases and help you even cop a pair. So the number one question is how many apps are there and what are they?

  1. The Adidas Confirmed app is great if you’re trying to get your hands on the new drop of Yeezys or NMDs.

The way this app works is you will sign up for an account and if you are in the area of an Adidas main store, (usually Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York City) you will be considered “in the area.” Once in the area you can see what shoes are being release and sign up for a reservation. Once you are signed up you have to get back on the app when it says the end of reservation time. You may gain the opportunity to buy the release.

Price: This app is free on the app store.

  1. & 2. The Foot Locker App and the Champs Sports App

These two apps are very similar. They work exactly the same however offer different releases. The Foot Locker and Champs app both have the option to “shop”, “locate launches” or “see release calendar.” The release calendar shows all the releases that Foot Locker and Champs are aware of getting months in advanced. These apps both offer opportunities to get a reservation on a release shoe. If you sign up for their VIP programs you have a better chance of gaining that shoe.

Price: Both of these apps are free

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