Wrong shoes? Or Wrong Box?

Working for a shoe store I have come across many people who wear the wrong type of shoe for the activity they are doing. Many people have shoes for different activities. For example, an athletic sneaker, a comfort sneaker, and even a sneaker for fashion. I always come across people who think they bought a a running sneaker but their feet have started to hurt. When I look at the shoe they bought it seems they have bought a shoe that was entirely for a different activity. They bought a fashion sneaker. So the question here is, how can you ultimately tell the difference?

Nike is one of the companies that may have given you a secret tool to picking the right style shoe. They have two main color boxes, red and orange. You may be wondering how this is a secret. Well, these boxes have a meaning. The orange box stands for a shoe that is made for performance. Whether it be a running shoe or a training shoe. These shoes are meant to be active in. Shoes you will find in these boxes are the Nike Free, Nike Air Max 2017, and even the Nike LunarEpic. The red box stands for a shoe that is more fashion forward. A shoe that is not necessarily meant to be used for a lot of  running or a lot of physical activity. Shoes you will find in these boxes are the Nike Thea, Nike Huarache, and even the Nike Roshe One.