Are your Yeezys real?

With the release of the New Yeezy Boost 350 occurring a few days ago, the question arises once again if you are getting a real shoe or a fake shoe. Yeezys are one of the most common shoes that people try to make and sell for more than retail. An authentic pair of Yeezys resell for almost twice the price of the retail price. So it’s hard to pass up a good deal when you find them online for cheap. However, is it worth it if your not sure if the shoe is real?

Some shoe places will help authenticate your shoe, such as Sole Supremacy. However, most people selling fakes will not want to meet at a public place know to authenticate. So your best best is learning to spot fakes yourself. With Yeezys, like all Adidas shoes, they have an ART number. Always make sure that number matches the number on the box. Also, make sure the box is the correct box. All Yeezys come in brown Adidas boxes. Remember, if you miss the release of a Yeezy, buying them online from a reseller is not always the best idea.